According to the 2020 ACS 5-year estimates, Carroll County had a total population of 10,691; 5,489/51% male and 5,202/49% female1. The median age is 38.7 years which is an increase of .2 from previous years1. Nearly 26% of the population is under 18 years of age and 15.4% is 65 years or older1.

Carroll County’s population is slightly younger than the Kentucky average. The median age for men is 36.9 compared to 37.6 in Kentucky and the median age for women is 40.2 compared to 40.41. Carroll county also has a higher age dependency ratio, 70.4, that is the ratio between persons under 18 and over 64 and the number of working-age individuals (those aged 19-64 years old), when compared with Kentucky and national averages at 63.8 and 62.5 respectively1. Carroll County’s population under 18 years is nearly 26% compared to 22.6% and 22.4% in Kentucky and the U.S. respectively1.

Carroll County has a higher ratio of males to females and a higher age dependency ratio than KY and the U.S.


Age Dependency Ratio

Carroll County has a higher than average age dependency ratio, that is the ratio between persons under 18 and over 64 compared to the number or working-age individuals (those aged 19-64 years)