The 2020 ACS 5-year estimates there are 4,176 total households in Carroll County4. The average owner-occupied household size of 2.51 persons per household is smaller than the Commonwealth and national averages at 2.55 and 2.69 respectively5

Carroll County's average household size is in line with the average household size in Kentucky.

At Risk Populations

Carroll County has a significantly higher proportion of women of childbearing age who are unmarried, nearly 56% as compared with the Commonwealth and national averages at 34.5% and 32.8%4. Unmarried women represent those who are widowed, divorced, or have never married, aged 15-50, the typical childbearing age group.

Types of Households

Carroll County’s traditional households representing (Husband/Wife) are slightly lower than average at 41.2% compared with state and national averages at 48% and 48.1% respectively4. Those living alone, make up 26.6% of all households followed closely by “other families” (non-traditional Husband/Wife) at 23.8%4.