Photo courtesy of Pew Research Center

The primary racial composition of Pendleton County is white. According to the 2020 ACS 5-year estimates, over 95% of Pendleton County selected “White Alone” as their race compared to 86.2% and 70.4% in the Commonwealth and nation overall3.

Population by Race

Races other than Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander make up 1.1% of the total population in KY3.

Population by Ethnicity

The primary ethnicity in Pendleton County is non-Hispanic. According to the 2020 5-year estimates, over 98% of Pendleton County selected “non-Hispanic” as their ethnicity compared to 81.8% in the nation overall3. Pendleton has a lower than average “Hispanic” population comprising its residents, at 1.4% compared with the Commonwealth at 3.8%3.

Compared to the Commonwealth and nation, Pendleton County has significantly lower percentages of residents who declare any of the other races or who declare having “some other race” or “Two or more Races”.