Agency Policies


Policies and procedures provide a roadmap for our day-to-day operations at Three Rivers. They ensure compliance with laws and regulations, give guidance for decision-making, and streamline our internal processes. More specifically, our policies facilitate and standardize the services, processes, and controls for the agency to ensure an effective, efficient, and competent workforce. Lastly, our policies set out the expectations for staff and reinforce our culture of “All One Team”.

Use of and creation of local policies are dictated by the Kentucky Administrative Regulations, 902 KAR 8:160, Section 2, Policies & Procedures.

Administrative - Human Resources

A-HR-1 Orientation for new Employees

A-HR-2 Criminal Background Checks

A-HR-3 Ethics

A-HR-4 Hours of Work

A-HR-5 Attendance

A-HR-6 Wages Reported and Earned

A-HR-7 Compensatory Leave Reimbursement

A-HR-8 Travel
A-HR-9 Tuition Assistance

A-HR-10 Dress Code

A-HR-11 Conflict of Interest

A-HR-12 Responding to a Local Health Emergency

A-HR-13 Solicitation and Distribution

A-HR-14 Non-discrimination and Anti-Harassment

A-HR-15 Disciplinary Procedures

A-HR-16 Grievance Procedure

A-HR-17 Insurance Deductible

A-HR-18 Cultural and Limited English Proficiency

A-HR-19 Americans with Disabilities Act and Training

A-HR-20 Oleoresin Capsicum Spray

A-HR-21 Reporting of Suspicious and/or Fraudulent Activity

A-HR-22 Emergency Action Plan

Administrative - Internal Controls

A-IC-1 Policies and Procedures

A-IC-2 Internal Control Overview

A-IC-2(a) Form

A-IC-3 Board of Health Responsibilities

A-IC-4 Segregation of Key Duties

A-IC-5 Financial Report/Source Document Maintenance

A-IC-6 Audit Review-Evaluation

A-IC-7 Chart of Accounts

A-IC-8 Purchasing Procedures

A-IC-9 District Credit Cards

A-IC-10 Petty Cash

A-IC-11 Accounts Payable

A-IC-12 Inventories

A-IC-13 Receipts Management

A-IC-14 Standards of Confidentiality

A-IC-15 Facility Security

A-IC-16 Mail

A-IC-17 Telephone Cell Phone Usage

A-IC-18 Faxes

A-IC-19 Vehicles

A-IC-20 Agency Vehicle Maintenance

A-IC-21 Agency Vehicle Assignment

A-IC-22 Employee Licensure Responsibility

A-IC-23 Open Records

A-IC-24 Internet and Electronic Mail Acceptable Use Policy

A-IC-25 Detection and Prevention of Identity Theft

A-IC-26 Personal Cell Phone Compensation

A-IC-27 HIPAA Breach Notification

A-IC-28 Establishing and Updating a PMS

A-IC-29 Human Subjects Research Protection

A-IC-30 Risk Communication

Clinic - General

C-G-1 Breastfeeding Promotion

C-G-2 Single User Breast Pumps

C-G-3 Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Clinic - Internal Controls

C-IC-1 Clinic Services Quality Management

C-IC-2 Laboratory Quality Assurance

C-IC-3 Calibration and Maintenance of Equipment

C-IC-4 Patient and Community Health Services Reporting & Billing Procedures

C-IC-5 Medication Distribution

C-IC-6 Same Day Scheduling Processing Standards for WIC

C-IC-7 Reportable Disease Investigation Quality Assurance

C-IC-8 Medication Inventory Management

C-IC-9 Harm Reduction Syringe Access Exchange Program

Environmental - General

E-G-1 Environmental Health Variance Committee

Environmental - Internal Controls

E-IC-1 Environmental Health Program Procedures

E-IC-2 Environmental Health Program Late Fee Requirements

Health Strategy - Human Resources

HS-HR-1 Tobacco Free Environment

Health Strategy - Internal Controls

HS-IC-1 Media Communications, Public Relations, and Branding