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In case of a public health emergency, please contact
Justin Pittman,
Environmental Health & Preparedness Manager,
24/7/365 at (502) 682-0294.
You may also contact our District Director,
Dr. Georgia Heise, at (502) 330-2670.

To contact an epidemiologist 24/7, call (859) 391-5357.


If you need to contact TRDHD in regards of a notifiable or reportable condition, you may contact 

Justin Pittman
(502) 682-0294

In urgent circumstances you may contact the
Kentucky Department for Public Health,
Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning,
at 1-888-973-7678, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Surveillance of reportable disease is the ongoing systematic collection, analysis and dissemination of health data about cases that meet the case definitions for infectious conditions as published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (MMWR; May 2, 1997/vol.46/No. RR-10). These case definitions and any revisions to them are available of the CDC website

Kentucky Revised Statute 214.000 mandates reporting by physicians. Under authority of the general preventable disease statute, KRS 211.180, the Cabinet for Health Services has also promulgated an administrative regulation, 902 KAR 2:020, which extends reporting responsibility to hospitals, clinical laboratories, nurses, and all other health care professionals.

Adverse health data is reported on the Kentucky Reportable Disease Form, EPID 200, to Three Rivers District Health Department or the Kentucky Department for Public Health. TRDHD surveillance personnel investigate case reports and proceed with the recommended public health measures, requesting assistance from the Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning when needed. A Desk Reference with case definitions, the EPID 200 form, and supplemental forms on specific diseases is available at all TRDHD Health Centers.