Child Safety Seats

Why car-seats matter?

Nationally, unintentional injury like that sustained in a motor vehicle accident is the leading cause of death among children aged 1-14 in the U.S. Not surprising, research indicates 86% of infants were improperly positioned in their car seat and another 77% of car-seats were installed incorrectly.

When used properly, child safety seats can reduce fatalities by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers. 

How to choose the right seat.

Unsure what car seat is best for you child at this time? To illustrate how to choose the right car seat watch this short 1.5-minute video from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

How do I know if my car-seat is Installed correctly?

Equally important is installing your car-seat correctly. Likewise, if you are unsure or would like your installation to be inspected, you can stop by your local health center where a certified technician can inspect or install your car-seat. Call the local health center closest to you today to schedule an appointment.

As an alternate visit: Installation Help for instructional videos and help with installation if you are unable to see one of our technicians.

Where can I buy a new car-seat?

Many large chain retailers carry a wide variety of car-seats for infants and children. 

Child safety seats and booster seats are also available at your local health department for a nominal fee, to parents and guardians that have legal residence inside our service area.

Accordingly, if you are in need of a child safety seat, please contact your local health center and ask about our child safety seat program.

How can I find out if my car-seat has been recalled?

Unquestionably, the car-seat you choose should be safe for the duration of its use. To ensure your child remains safe, make sure to register your car-seat with the manufacturer upon purchase. This will ensure you are notified promptly of any recalls.

Likewise, if you did not register your car-seat upon purchase, you can visit the National Transportation Safety Administration Website and register your car-seat to receive email notifications for recalls.