What you need to know about COVID-19

Over the course of the past two+ years, COVID-19 has raged around the globe killing millions and leaving many with long-term health issues. Moving into the next phase of the pandemic, we are looking at living with COVID-19 on an ongoing basis. The past two years have seen effective treatments and vaccines developed and deployed across the nation. These solutions have had a tremendous postive effect on the virus and have allowed us to return to a degree of normalcy. Conversely, some people remain at a greater risk of serious health outcomes because of age and underlying health conditions. If you fall into a higher risk category, take advantage of the preventive measures available.

  • Get vaccinated
  • Stay home if you are sick and avoid others with symptoms
  • Mask up when and where recommended

Need to get your vaccine? Contact your local health center to schedule an appointment today!

For more information on conditions that put you at higher risk for serious illness to COVID-19 please visit people with medical conditions.

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Where can I find vaccine?

Vaccine is readily available at many locations throughout the Commonwealth.

How can I prevent and prepare?

Prepare by getting vaccinated and avoiding others who are ill or exposing others if you are ill.

What if I have been exposed?

If you have been exposed, you can get tested at a testing site near you.




What should I do if I am sick?

Prevent spreading the disease to others by taking basic precautions and learn about new treatments that are now available.

What are the reporting requirements?

As a provider you are required by law to report all reportable diseases to the health department. Learn about reporting for COVID-19 


For Kentucky info please visit the Commonwealth’s website at:

Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines