Environmental Health Inspections

Environmental Health Inspections

Health inspections are an important part of Public Health. Inspections ensure proper handling of foods, chemicals, and waste that can cause significant harm to the public at large if improperly managed.  Our Environmental Health team handles a variety of inspections, including food establishments, public facilities, community sanitation, and onsite sewage disposal.

The Environmental Health team strives for disease prevention through routine inspections and permitting as well as investigating complaints and community concerns. Investigations of public health nuisances such as illegal garbage disposal, failing septic systems, and vector harborage areas are also conducted on a regular basis by staff.

Food manufacturing inspections are done on bakeries, bottling plants, distilleries, food manufacturing plants, food storage warehouses, grain storage elevators, and vending machines. Examples of facilities inspected are below, along with a link to the regulations or requirements for these facilities.

For more information on inspections in our area, please get in touch with your local Health Environmentalist. 

Carroll County Health Center – (502) 732-6641

Gallatin County Health Center – (859) 567-2844

Owen County Health Center – (502) 484-5736

Pendleton County Health Center – (859) 654-6985