Performance Management

What is performance management?

Performance Management (PM) is the method by which we measure and monitor our progress toward various goals and objectives. Hence, it enables us to utilize a data-driven approach for identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement, program development, and monitoring. Similarly, it readily allows us to identify successes that we can build upon and apply in other areas. Overall, PM includes the continuous use of standards, measures, reporting, and improvement. In essence, PM helps us to monitor our progress toward making each of our communities a healthier place to live.

Agency-Wide Measures

Agency-Wide measures are those measures or goals which apply and/or impact the entire health department and by extension our communities. More specifically, these are measures that affect large groups of people, or the entire population served by Three Rivers. For instance, assessments are broad in scale and address multiple populations or issues affecting large numbers of people. Likewise, plans are implemented across the agency, or community-wide such as in the case of preparedness response planning. Lastly, financial performance measures include those that relate to compliance with standardized controls and monitoring financial stability.

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Strategic Planning

The strategic plan outlines TRDHD’s process to link our major plans to improve and protect the health of our populations with local resources by ensuring staff are competent in implementing the public health transformation and the 10 Essential Public Health Services. 

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Programmatic Measures

Programmatic measures apply to a specific program or departmental function and the population(s) or entities the program was designed to engage.  For instance, you will find information on vaccination rates for school-aged children and the percentage of WIC-eligible clients enrolled in the program in the Community Health section. Likewise, the Epidemiology section includes information about outbreaks and reportable disease incidence. To learn more about Three Rivers program measures, continue scrolling.

Accreditation Activities

Boards of Health, Communication, Perparedness & Quality Improvement

Strategic Planning


For more information on health department performance management, please visit the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) website