Community Health Assessments

Community Health Assessments

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) isolates and identifies key health needs and issues in a community. By using a variety of data and topics to collect and analyze issues and trends, a thorough assessment of health status can be completed. Accordingly, these assessments are a vital tool to give focus and direct activities and initiatives to aid in improving the health status of a community.

Utilizing the MAPP (Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnerships) model, developed by the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO), Three River’s engages with each of our four counties (communities) through partnerships, or collaborations to address health needs and issues identified in our community assessments. 


Three Rivers was the first Health Department in the state of Kentucky to complete the second version of the National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP). The NPHPSP and several other community assessments were conducted to identify public health problems in Carroll, Gallatin, Owen and Pendleton Counties. After identifying problems, community partners in all four counties formed collaborative groups to solve the perceived and projected health and safety related short falls of our communities. 

Today, these groups continue to meet monthly and work on driving positive change for the improved health of our communities. The groups are a collaborative effort of community partners in each county with Three Rivers serving as the organizing agency. The meetings are always open to the public, and opinions, concerns and ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

Our Community Health MAPP Teams