Why vaccines are important?

Immunizations or vaccines prevent the spread of contagious diseases that can be dangerous and deadly to those who contract them. Today, vaccines save millions of lives around the globe each year. “It is always best to prevent a disease than to treat it after it occurs.” CDC

  • Vaccine-preventable viruses and bacteria are contagious (can spread from one person to another), and some are highly contagious
  • Some vaccine-preventable diseases can be deadly
  • Others can have long-term or life-long debilitating effects on the body by destroying or damaging healthy tissues or causing cancers and other diseases

What you need to know about vaccines

  • Everyone of all ages needs vaccines throughout their lives to help protect against serious diseases
  • Outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases can and do still occur today
  • Many procedures and steps are followed to make sure our vaccines are very safe
  • Vaccines give you the power to protect yourself and your family from getting sick
  • Vaccines aren’t just for children

Where can I get vaccinated?

Three Rivers District Health Department offers a wide variety of vaccines to meet the needs of our communities including vaccines for children, adolescents, adults, and employers who live, work, and play in our service areas. Call your local health center for qualifications and immunization availability.

You can also contact your primary care physician or pediatrician for recommended vaccines.

Need an immunization certificate for your child?

Contact our local health center for assistance.