Private water

What you need to know to keep your private water safe

Private water systems can be a source for exposure to a variety of contaminants that can cause poor health and outcomes. While not mandated or regulated, private water owners can follow the same guidelines to protect their water source and eliminate health risks from contaminated water that is used in public water sources.

Water contaminants are grouped into six different groups: microorganisms such as e-coli and giardia; organic chemicals such as PFAS (poly and perfluoroalkyl substances); radionuclides such as radon; inorganic chemicals such as lead; disinfectants and disinfectant byproducts. When not properly managed, wastewater can also contaminate your private water supply.

Proper maintenance must be performed to ensure your water remains safe for drinking.

How can I test my private water?

Three Rivers District Health Department can test your private water source for harmful bacteria and offer recommendations on how to properly care for your private water. Contact your local health environmentalist at one of our health centers today!