Food Manager Certification

Food Manager Certification

A certified food manager is required to be on duty at all times. (FDA Food Code 2017 and Three Rivers District Health Department.)

Why is Food Manager Certification so important? – Data collected by the FDA indicates having a certified food manager on-site has a positive effect on the occurrence of certain foodborne illness risk factors. In other words, the risk of people getting sick from the foods they eat at restaurants decreases when there is a certified food manager on-site.

Getting certified is easy! You can take the training and test online.  

Click the Food Manager Certification Training Registration Link below: 

Are you or your staff in need of food handling training? 
Take our online food handler certification to increase the safe handling of food in your kitchen.

Click the Food Handler Certification Training Registration Link below:

For more information on Food Manager or Food Handler Certifications, please contact your local Health Environmentalist. 

Carroll County Health Center – (502) 732-6641
Gallatin County Health Center – (859) 567-2844
Owen County Health Center – (502) 484-5736
Pendleton County Health Center – (859) 654-6985


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