Assessment of the Demographics and Social Economic Characteristics of Owen County, Ky



Owen County covers approximately 352 sq miles of land and is located in the central-southern portion of what is known as Northern Kentucky. The Kentucky River runs along the full length of its southwestern border and Eagle Creek marks the northern boundary. The county is known for its hills and river/water valleys with elevations ranging from 400 to 1000 feet15. Owen County was founded in 1819 and named for Abraham Owen, an early Kentucky Legislator and Colonel who died at the battle of Tippecanoe. Owen County became the 63rd designated county in Kentucky.

Today, Owen County encompasses the townships of Owenton, the county seat, Gratz, Hesler, Jonesville, Long Ridge, Lusby’s Mill, Monterey, New Columbus, New Liberty, Poplar Grove, Perry Park, Sparta, and Wheatley. Nestled in a pocket of hills and valleys, Owen County is where rural life blossoms and community matters.

Demographics and Socio-economic factors are those attributes and details specific to the populations in a given area. These details include such factors as race, ethnicity, gender, age, housing, employment, and income. In essence it includes the who, what, when, and where of a given population.

This report will explore these factors and details to help better understand our populations and how we can build-upon those details for a better future.

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