Family Planning

What is family planning?

Family Planning involves proactive steps that enable you to prevent unplanned pregnancies and decide when to have children, with whom, and how much time passes between the births of your children. It involves the use of birth control by males and females that prevent conception.

Why is family planning important?

In addition to allowing you to “plan” the timing and size of your family, family planning, can also lead to significant improvements in the health, social, and economic well-being of our communities. Statistics have demonstrated strong associations of poorer economic, social, and health outcomes for parents of unplanned pregnancies. 

What can I expect?

At Three Rivers, you can expect to receive the following “CONFIDENTIAL” services for a family planning visit.

  • History and general physical
  • An individualized risk assessment
  • Suggested laboratory testing
  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) testing
  • Education and counseling on all forms of birth control including
    • Abstinence
    • Barrier methods (condoms)
    • Oral contraceptives
    • Birth control patch
    • Depo-prover injection
    • Referral for sterilization
    • Referral for implantable devices

Title X

Three Rivers District Health Department is a certified Title X Family Planning Provider. For family planning, we accept Medicaid, Managed Care Organizations, and provide services on a sliding fee scale for those who are uninsured/underinsured or do not have Medicaid/MCO insurance.

Contact our local health center for assistance.