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Family Planning

“Family planning allows individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing of their births. It is achieved through the use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of involuntary infertility. A woman’s ability to space and limit her pregnancies has a direct impact on her health and well-being as well as the outcome of each pregnancy.”
Courtesy: World Health Organization.

Three Rivers offers counseling and education on a variety of contraceptive methods and options, as well as pregnancy planning and preconception care.


Birth Control methods may be available by referral, prescription, or at the health department.

  • Oral Contraceptives “The Pill”
  • Depo-Provera
  • Implants
  • IUDs
  • Condoms
  • NuvaRing®
  • OrthEvra® Conceptive Patch
  • Nexplanon
  • Sterilization
  • Emergency Contraception

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