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Our HANDS Team

Patty Greene, RN, Manager
Patty received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Kentucky State University in 1994. The majority of her nursing career has been in public health with Three Rivers District Health Department. Before becoming HANDS Manager, she served as a HANDS Supervisor for 10 years. During that time she was awarded a national leadership award by Healthy Families America. Before working in HANDS, Patty worked as a nurse at the Owen County Health Department.
Patty is passionate about Public Health, HANDS and helping others. She feels the highlights of her career are simply being able to work in the community she loves and the ability to link individuals to life changing services and programs.

Call the Owen County Health Center at 502-484-5736 to speak with Patty about HANDS or reach out by email at: PattyC.Greene@ky.gov

Darla Boyers, Family Support Worker

Darla began working in HANDS in October 2018. She loves establishing a bond with each family and following their child’s growth and development during and after graduation from the program. Darla has a history of working with young children including working in the children’s wing of a public library where she earned her Librarian Certification. Darla also ran her own business that allowed her to work from home to support and raise her own children in a positive and enriching environment.

Call the Gallatin County Health Center at 859-567-2844 to speak with Darla about HANDS or reach out by email at:  DarlaS.Boyers@ky.gov

Tana Culbertson, RN, Family Support Worker
Tana received her nursing degree from Northern Kentucky University in 2000 and immediately began working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Though she loved the excitement of Labor and Delivery she wanted to be on the other side when Mom feels overwhelmed and asks “The baby and I have been discharged from the hospital, now what do I do?” In 2017 Tana joined the HANDS team where she loves working with mothers, babies and families, sharing information to educate on basic care and development of the child in areas such as social/emotional brain development. Her favorite part of her job is supporting and empowering new Moms/caregivers bout their very important role, having hem understand they are their child’s first and most important teacher which has a lifelong impact. 

Call the Owen County Health Center at 502-484-5736 to speak with Tana about HANDS or reach out by email at: TanaM.Culbertson@ky.gov

Madison Fitzgerald, Family Support Worker
Madison obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development from Eastern Kentucky University. Madison joined the HANDS team at Three Rivers in April 2021. She has a background in child-care, supervised visitation, and primary teaching to add to the wealth of experience of our HANDS team.

Madison loves the ability to support families growing into their new role with a little more ease as one of the many benefits of the HANDS program.

Call the Owen County Health Center at 502-484-5736 to speak with Madison about HANDS or reach out by email at: MadisonD.Fitzgerald@ky.gov

Cynthia Hickey, Family Support Worker
Cynthia started working for Three Rivers in the HANDS program in September 2016. She had some knowledge of the HANDS program when starting but has since then learned many new ways to help families and connect them with available resources in the communities we serve. Cynthia is fluent in English and Spanish and serves most of our Spanish speaking families as well as helping in the Health Department as needed. 
What Cynthia enjoys most about HANDS is the family diversity and how each can benefit from the program. She loves helping families understand their baby’s development and watching them fall in love with being a parent.

Call the Carroll County Health Center at 502-732-6641 to speak with Cynthia about HANDS or reach out by email at: Cynthia.Hickey@ky.gov

Laura, Johnson, RN, Hands Supervisor

Laura received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Thomas More in 1994.  She started her career in hospital nursing knowing that she wanted to work in public health.  She began working at the Grant County Health Center in the spring of 1995 where she helped to start the HANDS program in 2000. In 2014, Laura joined the Three Rivers District Health Department team in Pendleton County as an experienced HANDS Supervisor.  Laura has lived in Pendleton County for most of her life and was thrilled to come and work in her home town.  She loves the HANDS program and all of the useful information the curriculum provides.  She especially loves watching a family’s face light up when they see their little one learn something new. She strives to help all families realize, they are their child’s most important teacher.  

 Call the Pendleton County Health Center at 859-654-6985 to speak with Laura about HANDS or reach out by email at: LauraS.Johnson@ky.gov
Lyndsi McNally, Family Support Worker
Lyndsi began her career at Three Rivers as a contact tracer for the COVID-19 taskforce in July 2020 and transitioned into HANDS in July 2021. As a certified Early Childhood Educator Lyndsi taught pre-K at Owen County Christian Preschool for two years and worked in Head Start at the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative for another two years before joining the team at Three Rivers.

Lyndsi has enjoyed bringing her experiences and knowledge from Head Start to the HANDS program.  She enjoys the comradery amongst the HANDS team and looks forward to being a part of the positive things happening at Three Rivers District.  Lyndsi states: “One thing that I love most about the HANDS program is how we help accentuate a family’s strengths and being a part of their growth.  As a former HANDS mom, I know the amazing benefits we offer and the personal accomplishments we can bring to other families.”  

Call the Owen County Health Center at 502-484-5736 to speak with Lyndsi about HANDS or reach out by email at: LyndsiB.McNally@ky.gov
Leslee Minch, RN, Supervisor
Leslee has a degree in Nursing from Northern Kentucky University. She began her career with Three Rivers in July 2007 as a Registered Nurse. Leslee joined the HANDs team in October 2015 as a registered nurse working with families in Carroll, Gallatin and Owen counites. 
Today, Leslee serves as a Supervisor, Parent Visitor and Family Support Worker for HANDS where she has nearly 6 years experience. She loves providing strength based education to parents about early childhood development. She believes watching a proud parent’s face as their child meets a milestone is priceless and that every child/parent benefits from the HANDS program. 
Call the Carroll County Health Center at 502-732-6641 to speak with Leslee about HANDS or reach out by email at: LesleeC.Minch@ky.gov.
Tonya Spaeth, Family Support Worker
Tonya has worked in public health for 20 years serving in our health centers and performing administrative duties. In 2019, she joined the HANDS team where she found her love. 
She reports: “I am amazed daily by the positive impact HANDS has on families. I watch first time parents bond with their babies in ways that some never experienced themselves. It’s exciting watching existing parents use this program for new additions to their families and also employ the skills they learn with their older children. I am honored to help parents feel confident in growing smart, loving, beautiful children.”
Call the Carroll County Health Center at 502-732-6641 to speak with Tonya about HANDS or reach out by email at: Tonya.Spaeth@ky.gov